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Sunday, June 13
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We are a community that works and worships together.
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Please know you will still be able to view the service online via the APP (audio), links on the website to the Youtube video and on Facebook. 
Note from Council
As you may have heard, Alberta has entered into Stage 2 of the Reopening plan. For our church this means that we are allowed to have up to 1/3 of our capacity on a Sunday morning for worship; that works out to 173 people in the sanctuary!
For now, all other restriction of social distancing, masking and socializing are still in place, but we are getting closed to being back to normal!
This means that people are no longer required to call and reserve spots for church. Everyone who would like to is simply welcome to come and join us!
To ensure we don’t go over the 1/3 capacity, the Sunday School children are still being asked to go immediately to the fellowship hall when they arrive, this will continue until we get to Stage 3 – then we will have them join us for the first part of the service. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office. 
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