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The Christian Reformed Church adheres to three primary confessions, which are called the three forms of unity.  These confessions are the Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort.  These teachings bind the church together and offer a summary of the Scriptures and doctrines to which we adhere.

Catechism class is an opportunity to learn and discuss these confessions in addition to the Scriptures because we believe they contain a great and accurate summary of the Christian faith.  While classes are typically structured to High School age students, all ages are welcome to attend to learn more or be refreshed on what is contained in these confessions.

Classes are taught weekly throughout the program year, however, times may vary.  Please check back for dates and times.  For more information, please contact the office staff via email at or call the church office.

Below is a link to the text of the three forms of unity on the Christian Reformed Church in North America’s website: