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Our Sr. Youth program is for youth grade 8-12.  We hope to provide an atmosphere of growth in Christ, fellowship among friends, and help to cultivate a heart for Christ.  Our Sr. Youth leaders have a heart for each and every student that pass through our doors.  
This year we have partnered with Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Alhambra and brought our Sr. Youths together.  
The group of youth is a stellar group and we are so encouraged by their growing heart for Christ.  
All coffee nights & Bible studies will be held at 8:30 pm. Watch the website & bulletin for locations!
See you at youth group!
February Schedule of Events
Feb 7
singing at the Ravines 7pm
Feb 18
wiener roast and ski-doing after church at Jos & Janneke’s
Feb 25
Mark and Esther’s 

If you have any questions please contact the church office 403-845-6067

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