“Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.”

 Psalm 100:2

Lifted Hearts

Lifted Hearts likes to play music in a classical style.  We have piano, as well as, various instruments such as saxophone, trumpet and violin.  We have singers who like harmony.  We love having younger players and singers join us and use their talents to praise the Lord!  It gives them a chance to use the skills they are learning at school in band or choir, and it gives them a place among us where they can contribute and belong.  We also love harmony and sometimes use a choral piece as time and practice permits.  The songs we choose are a blend of hymns and more contemporary songs.  When the congregation can be heard responding by singing confidently and from the heart, we can feel the Lord’s presence in the church.  Music can touch our hearts in many ways and there is no greater joy than singing (and playing) together in worship!  

We are Arlene (piano), Gordon (guitar/vocals), Ken (drums), Elroy (bass/vocals), Jim (vocals/guitar), Nancy (vocals), Chris (vocals), Trina (vocals), Randy (sound) and Jaylene (projection). Our goal is to worship God and to lead the congregation in song as together we seek to praise and honour Him on Sunday mornings. Some of us developed our ability to play and sing at a “mature” age.  Others dusted off their old talents and together we work to lead in worship.
We are a “Mosaic” (mix) of many things joined together by a love for music and worship. 
The Experience
We are Keanna (piano), Ken (drums), Jaylene (guitar), Cory (bass), Thomas (vocals & guitar), Logan (vocals/bass), Jazmin (vocals) Cheri-Lynn (vocals), Glen (sound) & Delanea (projection). We are a group from many different walks in life; high school, college, new parents, professionals, parents to be, grandparents and almost empty nesters. We enjoy playing together and encouraging each other in whatever comes our way in our lives. It is our prayer that as we come together in corporate worship at First CRC that we will EXPERIENCE God in a new light, for the first time or for the hundredth time!
It is also our prayer that as we EXPERIENCE God while leading, the people of God will also EXPERIENCE Him.


Six Track
Our group started around 2006 when a few of us played at Sonrise Camp. ‎Our original members include Aaron (vocals/guitar), bass player Nathan (also to make us look cool), drummer Glenn  (who is often on-call) and Kari  (piano). Since then we have gained a couple more friends along the way including Cheryl (lead vocal/guitar) who had been singing since she was a girl, Cheryl  (fiddle/mandolin/vocals) who had married Aaron and therefore had no choice, and Lydia (vocals/guitar) who we recruited when we had some members take maternity leave and decided she better stay.  All of our members have young, growing families, which sometimes makes playing music slightly more challenging.
After playing at Sonrise camp for a few years we were recruited to play at church one Sunday night, which lead to a Sunday morning and then in the regular schedule. We’ve had the pleasure of playing for a few other local events including ‎anniversaries and fundraisers. We enjoy playing at the Clearwater Centre a handful of times a year.  We all enjoy playing music together as friends and for some of us as family. It is our goal to play music that covers both traditional and modern, and is our hope that it be pleasing to God.